Know the Basic Checklist when Travelling With Children

What to do when traveling with children


The very first check that comes to mind is the checklist is packing for children. After all, we all know how important our children’s safety is and we want to do all we can to ensure their protection while on our trip. It can be difficult to keep children entertained so make sure you have plenty of toys to keep them occupied during the day as well. In addition, remember to pack a first aid kit as well, as your child may get hurt from some of the wild animals in some of the places you visit. And don’t forget to take along some sunscreen for your little ones.

2. Necessary Items:

Next comes a list of items that are strictly necessary but may not necessarily be thought of as fun or attractive. For example, your children may like to wear cute costumes when visiting the zoo but it would be quite boring if they had no costumes at all! One item that many people forget to include on their checklists is footwear. Shoes are an absolute must for children and you will often find that there is a shoe section just at the end of the checklist. Just take a minute to note the shoes your children need to bring and take along extra pairs of shoes when packing.

3. Eyewears

Other items that you may not even think of when preparing a checklist for travelling with children are eyeglasses, sunglasses, hearing aids and sunscreen. These are items that we need to take with us but often children forget to pack these. It is surprising how often this happens. If you really want to ensure that your children have all the necessities they need with them then it is a good idea to take them along with you and ensure they are also wearing sunscreen too!

4. Taking care of young children

The same rule applies if you are taking young children with you. There is nothing worse than the situation where your children are crying because they feel hot. Although it may be fine for you to leave them in a sunroom during the trip, imagine having to put up with everyone else’s excessive heat all day long. Remember that children’s tolerance to heat is quite different from ours and it is important that they are dressed appropriately for the weather.

5. Photography essentials

Another essential item on a children’s checklist that you should take with you on any trip is a camera. Even if you are only taking one child, it is important to have a camera as they will grow up with the photos you take. You don’t want to take a photo of your child without a proper filter, so ensure you get a filter that can be removed easily. Ensure you have enough storage space for all of your extra photos as well, as you never know when your kids will ask for a particular shot.


As far as clothing goes, you do not necessarily need to take along a full wardrobe of clothes with you when travelling. Generally speaking, it is preferable to split the wardrobe between two suitcases rather than keeping two separate suitcases for every piece of clothing. If you do carry more than two suitcases, make sure that the suitcases are evenly divided between children. This way, you know that they will be wearing similar-sized clothing to that of the rest of the family.

7.Travelling Essentials

If you are using strollers or other larger than usual items for travelling with your children, it is important that you keep in mind that your children will grow at an accelerated rate. This means that you will definitely need to ensure that you have sufficient space to store the larger items when your children reach a certain size. You will also need to ensure that you have enough room to manoeuvre the stroller through narrow passageways. Smaller backpacks can often help with this problem, but remember that you still need to pack enough clothing for your children to travel comfortably.


There are countless items that are on the basic checklist for travelling with children. If you can identify with any of these situations, it is likely that you will want to follow a similar pattern when packing for your next trip. You may even find that you need to add some items to your list! What’s important is that you start packing early, earlier than most people, that is and that you are prepared to face some unexpected problems.


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