All You wanted to Know about Buying a new Smartphone



Smartphone users often consider five checklists before buying a SmartPhone. Most online buyers do not undertake a thorough pre-purchase evaluation prior to purchasing a smartphone. An important aspect of purchasing a smartphone, particularly high-end ones, is functionality. The smartphone must be suitable for the intended use.

Smartphones are designed in a variety of configurations and features. The user needs to consider the needs of the individual. A smartphone may suit one person perfectly but fail the other. The various factors to be considered while buying a mobile phone include the user’s lifestyle, purpose, usage and budget. The checklists for buying a mobile phone are equally applicable for online purchases as they are for physical store buying. The five basic checklists for buying a smartphone are:

1.Meeting the Requirements

The first checklist is to make sure the device meets the requirements. Smartphones have been developed with various functionalities. Depending on the use, one has to make sure that the device fulfills the demand adequately. It is prudent to opt for a budget smartphone that is capable of performing all basic functions.

2.Internal Memory

The second checklist deals with RAM and storage space. The size of the memory provided should be suitable for the user’s purpose. More than one gigabyte of RAM and more than 1-gigabyte storage space are the norm today. It is advisable to go in for a larger RAM if the apps downloaded on the smartphone are large.

The new 4k video phones are loaded with large RAM and plenty of memory space to store the videos and images. One should make sure everything is backed up in the cloud and one can always access them without any problem.

3.Screen Size

The third step to consider is the screen size. Smartphones with large displays have become popular owing to increased user convenience. The size should be compatible with the hand. One also has to make sure that it has a decent camera for better picture-taking purposes.

4.Connectivity Options

The fourth checklist deals with connectivity options available in the new phones. Data connectivity is a very important feature. It ensures that one accesses the internet on the go. There are various networks like GPRS, EDGE, and 4G in the new phones. The best way to gauge connectivity is to go in for an intuitive interface that is quick to respond.

5.Battery Life

The fifth step is to check out the battery life of the mobile phone. New phones offer extended battery life and it helps in saving one from the constant stress of browsing the web and handling the various applications. The other important aspect is the standby power available in mobile phones. The battery should have a long life. The standby power gives one a chance to use the mobiles even when the charge of the mobile phone gets low. This comes in handy if one goes for dual SIM phones.

The Smartphones come with different battery life such as those that can last up to 5 hours. But it is recommended to go for Smartphones that offer more than 10 hours of battery life. The users should also check out if the battery life can be charged through the USB port or AC adapter.


The sixth and the seventh items in the checklist are connected with the performance of the phones. The phones should offer smooth performance. The interface and the performance should not be lagging. The cameras are also a major concern in buying a Smartphones. The quality of the cameras should be great. The best way is to check out the camera specifications in the 4g phones before making a purchase.

7.Brand Factor

The eight items in the checklist are related to the brand of the smartphone. One can easily opt for popular brands like Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Motorola, HTC, and many more. Before buying a smartphone one should consider which among these brands offers the best experience. A budget smartphone is the most suitable option for those who do not want to spend much on the smartphone.


Using checklists for is an important part of the process of buying a smartphone. You will find that it is a very convenient way to complete all of the tasks that you need to do before purchasing a smartphone. In addition to using checklists, you should also consider the individual needs of the phone and its price.


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